April, 2019

Celebration of Paul Greenhough's 35 year achievement

On the afternoon of April 18th, the staff of Zycomm and W3Z celebrated 35 years of Paul Greenhough’s devoted employment with the company. The actual date was a couple of weeks earlier, but Paul was busy over that weekend working at the Varsity Boat Race on the Thames in London. He was handling the Radio Communications rather than ‘steering either ship’.

Here at Zycomm Paul has kept abridge of all technical advancements over the years and has proved an invaluable ‘bridge’ to manufacturers, dealers and end user customers alike.

Many of Paul’s previous close colleagues over the years assembled to pay tribute and partake a little light refreshment. It was good to see so many old faces, the ones that looked younger thanks to retirement and the aging appearance of those now working for others!

Zycomm’s Interim MD, Martin French, congratulated Paul on his perfectly clean employment record and thanked him for his contribution.

Ian Sneap

March, 2019

Product Spotlight: Kenwood PKT-23 - Lanyards and Mountains

The radio you can wear on a lanyard or use on a mountain

The PKT-23 is the tiny radio making a huge difference. The perfect radio that doesn’t constantly remind you that you’re wearing one.

Communications knows no height

The unique PKT-23 from the Kenwood ProTalk range offers the perfect blend of compact, lightweight simplicity whilst providing long range coverage; the radio lends itself to sports and many more activities in the business and recreational markets. One company manager, whose business specialises in providing solutions for skiing, describes the Kenwood PKT-23 as having “perfect signal” even when they are ages away from their group on the mountain. It “takes away the fear of not being able the find people” which in a world susceptible to accidents or avalanches is not an unwarranted threat. On the ski slopes it’s vital not to lose stragglers and two way radio is a far more reliable solution compared to mobile phones which suffer from intermittent signal in these conditions particularly off the beaten track. The battery life for the Kenwood PKT-23 is “really long, which is useful to say the least”. In addition the radio is resistant to the cold and sound quality is not compromised at altitude. 

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these radios to everyone – whatever sport or outdoor passion you love”

One size fits…in your pocket

It’s amazing that safety, a consideration of such importance, can be trusted to such a small device and yet fellow coaches and mountaineers feel they can trust this incredible Kenwood radio in these perilous conditions.  The clarity of audio across long range is “really quite impressive” and as one ski coach says, this small radio stands up in audio quality against the “huge radio units with awkward looking long antennas.” These mountaineers ask a lot of their “Kenwood buddies” to withstand the most challenging of weather conditions including freezing fog, wind and sub-zero conditions whilst providing constant reliability despite being used almost 200 days a year all around the world. The licence-free status of this radio is another advantage as many ski team travel to different locations frequently; this makes organising licences a logistical nightmare, so utilising these nifty licence-free devices provides the icing on the cake for this unique device.

 “As they say ‘communication is key’ and there are few places where this is more important than when the safety of 9 young skiers hurtling at speed down a mountain is in your hands.”

PKT-23 is part of the Licence-Free Kenwood ProTalk Family

The bandwidth was expanded for PMR446 licence free analogue devices in January 2018, double the bandwidth with half the interference.

More on the PKT-23

For a demo or a quote please contact us


February, 2019

Celebrating 40 Year Celebration and our Kenwood Deals

We celebrated 40 years at Zycomm with our latest deal. The deal may have ended in February this year but we have many more in the pipeline!

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January, 2019

Introducing the NEW Kenwood TK-3601D

The Automatic Analogue to Digital Crossover

Introducing the NEW Kenwood TK-3601D

The Automatic Analogue to Digital Crossover

The TK-3601D is the perfect professional digital licence free radio. Stylish, compact, light and easy to use.

The TK-3601D features the latest digital dPMR446 technology for improved radio operations.

It automatically switches between digital and analogue modes dependent on what mode is being received, it has a total of 48 channels (32 digital and 16 analogue) in three zones, which makes it ideal for use with any current analogue PMR446 transceivers with a view to switching to digital over time.

Complete with the following products on purchase of the radio

  • KBH-14 (M) Belt Clip
  • New 1-pin SP-Mic connector compatible with ProTalk FD WD-K10 Series
  • KSC-44SL (E) AC Adapter
  • KSC-50CR (W) Charger Pocket
  • KNB-81L (W) Li-ion Battery Pack.

The charger pockets for this radio clip together and you can purchase a 6 way adaptor cable to equivalate to a 6 way charger. A highly cost-effective incentive for your customers.

December, 2018

Radio Distribution – The Zycomm Way

Our hypothesis when selling Kenwood to our trade customers is to look beyond the sale. When you buy from us that’s the beginning of your journey as you share these great products with your own customers.


We know that in order to share the great features of Kenwood with your customers the best thing is to know all that you can, and that is why we offer training on new products, we can do this in-house or visit your premises. We appreciate that with so many products available it can be hard to retain detailed knowledge of every model so we are always on hand for on-the-spot questions or full re-fresher training sessions.


Our engineers, with a combined knowledge of over 80 years in telecommunications are just a phone call away to talk through and discuss any technical issues you may experience.


Some customers require large infrastructure to implement a full communications system, for this we can offer back up on customer visits so you have a technical expert on hand.


We help with programming and systems set up so that you can focus on what you do best, building relationships with your customers.


We know one size does not always fit all and with 40 years under our belt our experience with different sectors is something we are always happy to share, so whether you’re entering a new  market or expanding your existing customer base we can help assist with questions that they have.


We provide high quality repairs using genuine parts and operating on quick turnaround times to enable you to deliver a great service as well as after-sales support to your customers.


Our Marketing Executive Hannah Ingram can tailor promotions to your requirements providing everything from branded leaflets for you to website content. If you have an idea but want the tools or resources to make this a reality please speak directly to Hannah at marketing@zycomm.co.uk. We can always help where we can, however ambitious your project may be!


You can sign up to our Newsletter for exclusive trade offers and products update. We value your feedback so let us know what you like about us or how we can make offer even better support to you please contact at marketing@zycomm.co.uk and share your thoughts.


Contact us at trade@zycomm.co.uk or call 01773 570123 for all your Kenwood requirements.



June, 2016

SMC Gateway Release New Firmware

The SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance and with the new firmware it will enable you to increase the functionality of your radio system and other communication devices.

SMC Gateway have released new firmware version 1.1.1.

SMC Gateway

New features on the SMC Gateway include:

Customisable Interface – Add your own company logo to the SMC Gateway and change the colour, fonts and much more by uploading a custom CSS style sheet.

Custom Telephony Introduction – Upload your own sound files to the gateway to customise how the telephone interconnect answers the phone.

RSSI Node – A new node that allows you to capture the received signal strength of your radios, so you can plot them on mapping for RF analysis.

Distance Node – Taking the latitude and longitude of a known location, you can create a geofence around a location. Using the switch node you can then trigger an event depending on if your radios are too close or too far away.

New Fire Panels – We have added 2 new fire panels to the Gateway. These are the Advance MX Pro 5 and the Ziton ZP3.

XPT Support – We now support Hytera XPT for data features and for telephone interconnect, as well as conventional DMR.


For more information or to book a place on our SMC Gateway training days, contact Paul Greenhough on 01773 570123 Ext.276 or email pbg@zycomm.co.uk.

November, 2015

New Kenwood DMR Range Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Kenwood DMR Range.

The new Kenwood range consists of the handportable radios TK-D240/D340 which are ergonomically styled yet tough enough to comply with both MIL-STD and IP54/55 environmental standards, these portables provide the features and performance needed for a wide range of workplaces. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications, these user-friendly DMR radios can even operate in direct mode, without a repeater. They also offer such KENWOOD added value as Call Interrupt and 1-watt audio output. 

The TK-D740/D840 mobile radios complete the KENWOOD’s impressive DMR system line-up. Thanks to compliance with MIL-STD and IP54 environmental standards, they can be relied on through thick and thin. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications, these user-friendly DMR radios can even operate in direct mode, without a repeater. They also offer KENWOOD Call Interrupt and also benefit in having KENWOOD enhanced audio quality. 

TK-D240/ TK-D340  TK-D740/ TK-D840

For more information on these new products view the full product specifications by clicking on the links to the pages below -

TK-D740   TK-D840   TK-D240   TK-D340

Alternatively get in touch with a member of our friendly team now.

October, 2015

Zycomm Launches Professional Radio Solutions at Winton House Conference

Back in May, Zycomm and Hytera UK held a two day launch event for our exciting new range of professional radio solutions.


Back in May, Zycomm and Hytera UK held a two day launch event for our exciting new range of professional radio solutions at the beautiful Winton House near Edinburgh. We invited dealers within the radio communications industry from across Scotland and the North of England to attend. Both the Dealer Sales team from Zycomm and members of the Hytera UK team were also in attendance.

Zycomm Electronics has been providing UK businesses with two-way radio solutions for over 35 years. We are proud leading distributors of both Hytera and Kenwood products. Most recently, we have ventured into new territory by diversifying into new areas of communication. We have had a strong relationship with Hytera since being awarded distributorship in 2007.

The first day of the event saw an overview of the Hytera products, as well as presentations and demonstrations for a number of Hytera key applications and a demonstration from Hytera on XPT and tier lll trunking.

Day two was more of a technical day for engineers to learn and get more deeply involved in the working and operation of the trunking solutions which had been presented on the first day.

We chose Winton House for the product launch event as the venue boasts afantastic location close to Edinburgh, with impressive conference facilities. Winton is a castle which runs customised hospitality events, team-building activities and conferences on an ‘exclusive use’ basis.

A wonderful selection of teas, coffee and snacks were provided throughout the day, as well as a buffet lunch. Members of the events team at Winton House were extremely helpful with the set up and break down of the event. Their warm hospitality enabled the day to run smoothly.

The feedback we received from the attendees was exceptionally positive. The stunning location and fantastic food only added to what was a successful and memorable event.