June, 2016

SMC Gateway Release New Firmware

The SMC Gateway is a versatile appliance and with the new firmware it will enable you to increase the functionality of your radio system and other communication devices.

SMC Gateway have released new firmware version 1.1.1.

SMC Gateway

New features on the SMC Gateway include:

Customisable Interface – Add your own company logo to the SMC Gateway and change the colour, fonts and much more by uploading a custom CSS style sheet.

Custom Telephony Introduction – Upload your own sound files to the gateway to customise how the telephone interconnect answers the phone.

RSSI Node – A new node that allows you to capture the received signal strength of your radios, so you can plot them on mapping for RF analysis.

Distance Node – Taking the latitude and longitude of a known location, you can create a geofence around a location. Using the switch node you can then trigger an event depending on if your radios are too close or too far away.

New Fire Panels – We have added 2 new fire panels to the Gateway. These are the Advance MX Pro 5 and the Ziton ZP3.

XPT Support – We now support Hytera XPT for data features and for telephone interconnect, as well as conventional DMR.


For more information or to book a place on our SMC Gateway training days, contact Paul Greenhough on 01773 570123 Ext.276 or email pbg@zycomm.co.uk.