March, 2019

Product Spotlight: Kenwood PKT-23 - Lanyards and Mountains

The radio you can wear on a lanyard or use on a mountain

The PKT-23 is the tiny radio making a huge difference. The perfect radio that doesn’t constantly remind you that you’re wearing one.

Communications knows no height

The unique PKT-23 from the Kenwood ProTalk range offers the perfect blend of compact, lightweight simplicity whilst providing long range coverage; the radio lends itself to sports and many more activities in the business and recreational markets. One company manager, whose business specialises in providing solutions for skiing, describes the Kenwood PKT-23 as having “perfect signal” even when they are ages away from their group on the mountain. It “takes away the fear of not being able the find people” which in a world susceptible to accidents or avalanches is not an unwarranted threat. On the ski slopes it’s vital not to lose stragglers and two way radio is a far more reliable solution compared to mobile phones which suffer from intermittent signal in these conditions particularly off the beaten track. The battery life for the Kenwood PKT-23 is “really long, which is useful to say the least”. In addition the radio is resistant to the cold and sound quality is not compromised at altitude. 

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending these radios to everyone – whatever sport or outdoor passion you love”

One size fits…in your pocket

It’s amazing that safety, a consideration of such importance, can be trusted to such a small device and yet fellow coaches and mountaineers feel they can trust this incredible Kenwood radio in these perilous conditions.  The clarity of audio across long range is “really quite impressive” and as one ski coach says, this small radio stands up in audio quality against the “huge radio units with awkward looking long antennas.” These mountaineers ask a lot of their “Kenwood buddies” to withstand the most challenging of weather conditions including freezing fog, wind and sub-zero conditions whilst providing constant reliability despite being used almost 200 days a year all around the world. The licence-free status of this radio is another advantage as many ski team travel to different locations frequently; this makes organising licences a logistical nightmare, so utilising these nifty licence-free devices provides the icing on the cake for this unique device.

 “As they say ‘communication is key’ and there are few places where this is more important than when the safety of 9 young skiers hurtling at speed down a mountain is in your hands.”

PKT-23 is part of the Licence-Free Kenwood ProTalk Family

The bandwidth was expanded for PMR446 licence free analogue devices in January 2018, double the bandwidth with half the interference.

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