April, 2019

Celebration of Paul Greenhough's 35 year achievement

On the afternoon of April 18th, the staff of Zycomm and W3Z celebrated 35 years of Paul Greenhough’s devoted employment with the company. The actual date was a couple of weeks earlier, but Paul was busy over that weekend working at the Varsity Boat Race on the Thames in London. He was handling the Radio Communications rather than ‘steering either ship’.

Here at Zycomm Paul has kept abridge of all technical advancements over the years and has proved an invaluable ‘bridge’ to manufacturers, dealers and end user customers alike.

Many of Paul’s previous close colleagues over the years assembled to pay tribute and partake a little light refreshment. It was good to see so many old faces, the ones that looked younger thanks to retirement and the aging appearance of those now working for others!

Zycomm’s Interim MD, Martin French, congratulated Paul on his perfectly clean employment record and thanked him for his contribution.

Ian Sneap