Kenwood TK-D240

Ergonomically styled yet tough enough to comply with both MIL-STD and IP54/55 environmental standards, these portables provide the features and performance needed for a wide range of workplaces – from warehouses and stations to shops and hotels. As well as handling both analogue and digital communications, these user-friendly DMR radios can even operate in direct mode, without a repeater. These truly resourceful team members will enable you to make the most of your legacy analogue equipment while also benefitting from digital communications.

  • TK-D240
  • Clear, Powerful Audio
  • Slim Styling
  • Longer Battery Life
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We offer a range of radio microphones to buy from many of the leading brands in radio communications, including Hytera and Kenwood. These are available in an array of options from mobile and speaker, to headset and lapel microphones.


Kenwood KMC-21


We have a large stock holding of brand new radio antennas from some of the leading brands, including Whip and Helical. They are available in UHF (ultra high frequency) or VHF (very high frequency) so we have the right antenna for your radio requirements.

VHF (162 - 172MHz) Helical Antenna

Kenwood KRA-22 M2

UHF Whip Antenna

Kenwood KRA-27


We have a large stock holding of chargers suitable for (walkie talkie) hand portable two-way radios from a range of leading brands. These include multiway, single radio and vehicle chargers.

Single Rapid Charger

Kenwood KSC-35S

Single Rapid Charger

Kenwood KSC-43

6-Way Charger

Kenwood KSC-316T

Battery Charger Pocket For Use With KMB-35

Kenwood KSC-35SCR


We supply a comprehensive range of batteries for portable two way radios from many of the leading brands in the industry.

Li-Ion Battery - 2000 mAh

Kenwood KNB-45L

Ni-MH Battery - 1400 mAh

Kenwood KNB-53N


Frequency Range136-174 MHz
Number of Channels32 ch/2 zones
Channel SpacingAnalogue - 25/20/12.5 kHz / Digital - 12.5 kHz
Operating Voltage7.5 V DC ± 20 %
Battery Life (5-5-90, battery saver off) Analogue/Digitalapprox. 11.5/13.5 hrs w/KNB-45L approx. 14/17 hrs w/KNB-69L approx. 8/10 hrs w/KNB-53N
Operating Temperature Range-30ºC to +60ºC (with KNB-45L/69L: -10ºC to +60ºC)
Frequency Stability±2.0/±1.0 ppm
Antenna Impedance50 Ω
Dimensions (W x H x D)w/KNB-45L - 54 x 121.4 x 33.8 mm / w/KNB-69L - 54 x 121.4 x 37.8 mm / w/KNB-53N - 54 x 121.4 x 33.8 mm
Weightw/KNB-45L - 285 g / w/KNB-69L - 310 g / w/KNB-53N - 360 g


SensitivityDigital 1 % BER -1 dBμV (0.45 μV) / Digital 5 % BER -4.5 dBμV (0.3 μV) / Analogue (20 dB SINAD) @ 25/20/12.5 kHz -3 dB μV (0.35 μV) / -3 dB μV (0.35 μV) / -1 dB μV (0.45 μV)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity - Analogue @ 25/20/12.5 kHz74/72/67 dB
Intermodulation Distortion - Analogue65 dB
Spurious Response - Analogue70 dB
Audio DistortionLess than 10 %
Audio Output1 W/12 Ω (Internal speaker) / 500 mW/8 Ω (External speaker)


RF Power Output5/1 W
Spurious Response<1 GHz ≤ -36 dBm, 1 GHz - 4 GHz ≤ -30 dBm
FM Hum & Noise Analogue @ 25/20/12.5 kHz45/45/40 dB
Audio DistortionLess than 2 %
Emission Designator16K0F3E, 14K0F2D, 14K0F3E, 12K0F2D, 8K50F3E, 7K50F2D, 7K60FXD, 7K60FXE


Dust & Water ProtectionIP54/55*1


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